Golden Jubilee Collection 1947 to 1997 harp music

Golden Jubilee Collection 1947 - 1997 is harp music for lever / celtic harps and is produced by the Clarsach Society (Bristol and West of England branch). The book is in excellent condition without any pencil marks. Contents:

  • Marsaili Stewart Skinner by Corrina Hewat
  • Kenmure’s up and awa’ arranged by Alison Kinnaird
  • A Welsh Medley arranged by Anne Macdearmid
  • Miss violet Hooper by Anne Macdearmid
  • Auld Lang Syne arranged by Isobel Mieras
  • Buain na Rainaich arranged by Isobel Mieras
  • Catriona by Iso bel Mieras
  • The Lea Rig and The Cradle Song arranged by Hilary Middleton
  • The Horse’s Branle arranged by Pam Radford
  • Polca Rheilffordd Aberdar arranged by Llio Rhydderch
  • The Music of Spey arranged by Patsy Seddon
  • Dancing Feet arranged by Patsy Seddon
  • The Spey In Spate arranged by Patsy Seddon
  • High Road to Linton arranged by Wendy Stewart
  • Roslin Castle arranged by Wendy Stewart
  • Breuddwyd y Frenhines arranged by Lon Wright
  • Bwthyn Fy Nain arranged by Lon Wright
  • Fead an Iolair arranged by Grainne Yeats

The book didn't photograph well, the cover is better than it looks. Many thanks for looking.

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Comunn na Clarsaich
Lever harp
Produced by The Clarsach Society

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Golden Jubilee Collection 1947 to 1997 harp music